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( Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:37 am)

A... "healthy" batch of simple, fairly unadorned icons that have been accumulating in my 'lj icons' folder for the past month or so. Liam Aiken icons are dedicated to Cassie and all things Toumei Shounen are dedicated to Lille and Mishy. ♥

Feel free to have a look-see and enjoy~

h e a d c o u n t
[x03] doujinshi (scans from Beautiful-Soup)
[x11] liam aiken (images from LIAM ONLINE)
[x22] stock (images from Flickr)
[x29] toumei shounen (scans from Beautiful-Soup/[ profile] yshare)
t o t a l ==> 65

==> t e a s e r s

100x100 goodies under the cut~ )

==> g r o u n d r u l e s
x. Please comment when taking and credit [ profile] suxing when using.
x. Textless icons are not bases and are not to be edited.
x. Do not hotlink; it kills my bandwidth and nobody likes a leech.
x. Have fun, place nice, and enjoy the icons!


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