It's been so long since I've photoshopped, I feel so rusty. :(

Anyhow, just some cropping/coloring practice. Vocaloid is so shiny! I wish I could play it more often, but alas, I do not have a PSP. Moving on though~

==> headcount
[x61] vocaloid (kaito, miku, gakupo/kaito, etc.); all images from pixiv

==> teasers
~ ~

my raging kaito bias, let me show it to you )

==> crediting & other rules
x. credit is lovely, but not required; however, please do not claim these as your own
x. as these are all technically bases, feel free to modify them to your liking
x. finally, please do not hotlink; it kills my bandwidth and nobody likes a leech


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