Thanks to the new changes to LJ, for the first time in 7+ years, I'm actually seriously considering a move. To be completely honest, I'm a little reluctant to move, but... we'll see. D: First things first though, gotta import all my entries and things over there, which is literally taking forever.

In the meantime, for those of you that are interested, I'm suxing at Livejournal. Feel free to add me and please tell me your usernames so I can add you back!

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I've decided that I can get used to the weird commenting pages after a bit, but I still hate how ugly they turned our entries. I don't mind the new way of selecting icons but alskdj they should really arrange alphabetically by keyword. LJ did send out a message yesterday saying they are considering all the (vitriolic, displeased) feedback. So. There is some hope?

Were you on DW before? I'll friend you!

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Yeah, I'm hoping that the LJ staff will actually take all the negative feedback into account for once and do something about it. If things get better then I'll probably stick around, but just in case, I'll at least have a back up =o=

Friend me, friend me! I only just got a DW yesterday so as of yet I am basically friendless, which saddens me :


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