Just some music recs + a few related thinkythoughts~ \o/

song: 恶作剧 ("È Zuò Jù" - "Practical Joke")
artist: 王蓝茵 (Wáng Lán Yīn)
language: Mandarin
comments: This song is so pretty and cute~ It's very refreshing to listen to and I particularly love the piano introduction at the beginning. I'd actually forgotten about this song for the longest time. It's been on my iPod for at least two years, but it wasn't until a few days back, when I overheard this song playing at one of the local Chinese restaurants, that I re-discovered it. Kind of like a breath of fresh air, this one. :)

song: Tank!
artist: The Seatbelts
language: English/Instrumental
Comments: I love this song, it is so cool and slick and just so much fun all around! I love the opening lines with the jazz-band hook, the spoken English parts, and of course, the extended saxophone solo! Although I will always be impartial to the piano, I must admit that the saxophone is one sexy instrument. By the way, those who used to trawl anime fandoms might recognize this as the opening theme to 'Cowboy Bebop', which is only one of the iconic anime series ever.

song: Dia de Enero ("January Day")
artist: Shakira
language: Spanish
comments: This past semester marked my return to studying Spanish. Consequently, I've been trying to listen to more Spanish music, and one of the first artists I re-discovered was Shakira. Of all her songs, this is probably my favorite not only because of the pretty melodic line, but also because of the lyrics, which are ridiculously cute and easy to understand (and thus, very singable \o/). Also, can we talk about Shakira's voice for just a moment? It's so unique! I don't think I've ever heard another singer's voice with quite the same timbre. It sounds so vibrant and pretty, I love it~

song: Quelqu'un m'a dit ("Someone Told Me")
artist: Carla Bruni
language: French
comments: I'll be honest, I don't know the next thing about French so I can't even half-ass the lyrics as I do with Japanese/Spanish songs, but I love this song and '(500) Days of Summer', so whatevs. Also, random trivia of the day: Carla Bruni is the wife of the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy! Kinda crazy. As for this song, it's very soothing with light guitar accompaniment and Carla Bruni's mellow vocals. Kind of like a lullaby almost, but with a nostalgic undertone. It reminds me of raindrops on windowpanes and sepia-colored photographs.

song: If A Song Could Get Me You
artist: Marit Larsen
language: English
comments: Ahhh, this song is so cuuuute~ so basically, I've been meaning to rec this forever ago and it's the main reason I'm making this post at all. I love love love the piano accompaniment (so refreshing!) and how it compliments Marit's voice (so pretty and soft~). The melodic lines of the bridge are lovely and unique and leave my inner music geek in paroxysms of joy, and the chorus itself is very cute and catchy. Also, for those that don't know, Marit used to be part of the Norwegian pop duo, M2M! And even though I was kind of choked up when they broke up, it makes me so happy to see how Marit's changed and grown up.

song: 容易受傷的女人 ("Jung Ji Sau Soeng Dik Neoi Yan" - "Fragile Woman")
artist: 王菲 (Faye Wong)
language: Cantonese
comments: So~ Faye Wong. She is kind of a big deal and those who know me well know that I am utterly lame when it comes to her and her music. I think she's lovely and unique and a genuinely decent person. It also helps that there are times when her voice leaves me literally weak at the knees. There are plenty of female Chinese artists that I love and respect, but to me, none will ever quite reach Faye Wong status (Teresa Teng not withstanding, but that's a whole other story). As for this song, it's one of her earlier works from when she first adopted "Faye Wong" as her stage name. It's not as epic as her later works, but regardless, there is something very moving in the way Faye sings it. Perhaps it's her inflection or simply the quality of her voice. It's hard to say, but whatever it is, it makes this song one of my favorite Cantonese songs, ever.

song: 涙そうそう ("Nada Sou Sou" - "Great Tears Are Spilling")
artist: 夏川 りみ (Natsukawa Rimi)
language: Japanese
comments: This is such a pretty song, but it is so hard to sing!! ;___; My mom wants me to learn it and eventually record it, but dklsjafksjf I am sorry, but I cannot sing enka to save my life, it is just too difficult. That aside though, I love Natsukawa Rimi's voice in this, it's so polished and perfectly controlled it makes me want to spin horrible metaphors about great shining beams of light... or something.

song: 万物生 ("Wàn Wù Shēng" - "Alive")
artist: 萨顶顶 (Sà Dǐngdǐng)
language: Sanskrit
comments: THIS SONG IS SO WEIRD. AND YET I LIKE IT ANYWAY. I'll be honest, the first time I heard this song on TV, I got up and changed the channel. It's very unique, not only because of its instrumentation, but also because of Sa Dingding's voice. I guess I'd call it something of an acquired taste where you have to listen to the song a few times to really get into it, but once you do, it's strangely addicting.

song: Shake!
artist: e.via
language: Korean
comments: So! Korean music. I have not actually listened to any new Korean music for the past two months. How weird is that? I'm not sure what to do with myself. So this isn't so much of a new discovery as a song that I never really stopped listening to. I don't know the next thing about e.via other than she's a tiny tiny rapper with ridiculously speedy articulation (at one point in the song she hits 160BPM, which is... kind of insane). As for this song, it's fun and catchy and very very fast. I listen to it mostly when I run. I tried to rec it to Willa, but it was so fast that it made her... "go a little crazy" were her exact words, I believe. But oh well, I like it! So yeah. Nothing else to say really, haha.

song: PaPaPa
artist: DEPAPEPE
language: Instrumental
comments: And another instrumental! I love DEPAPEPE~ their music is so pretty and peppy and cute~~ As for this song, it reminds me of summer! And sunshine and daisies and other happy things! It's very cheerful and bouncy, and just an all-around happy-making song with a nice melodic line and upbeat tempo.

Bahahaha. So. Uhh. What started off as a random music rec post turned into a how-many-different-languages/nationalities-can-I-cover-before-I-overlap post. Not too shabby if I may say so myself! And okay, maybe I cheated a little there with the instrumentals (and also with the Mandarin vs. Cantonese...;;), but whatevs. Who knows, maybe this way you'll actually find something in this post that you've never heard before! \o/

So yay, enjoy the music and tell me what you think, yeah? :3
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