[ profile] musicwizme. For those that don't know what's going on, I am now in a shiney new music rotation community with [ profile] among_the_lost, [ profile] heechul, and [ profile] lille_bean~ wish us luck, yes? :D

**Please comment if you download anything! Input on your part helps me decide what to put on the next rotation~

Songlist + Romanization/Translation
JJ林俊杰 - 杀手 || JJ Lin - Sha Shou
梁静茹 - 宁夏 || Fish Leong - Ning Xia
王力厷 - 花田错 || Wang Leehom - Hua Tian Cuo
金沙 - 不可思议 || Kym - Bu Ke Si Yi
张信哲 - 过火 || Jeff Chang - Guo Huo
孙燕姿 - 遇见 || Stephanie Sun - Yu Jian
方大同 - 妹妹 || Khalil Fong - Mei Mei
金海心 - 悲伤的秋千 || Rebecca Jin - Bei Shang de Qiu Qian
潘玮柏 ft. 张韶涵 - 快乐崇拜 || Wilbur Pan ft. Angela Chang - Kuai Le Chong Bai
S.H.E - 一眼万年 || S.H.E - Yi Yan Wan Nian

You can download the aforementioned music here.
Thank you for abiding by the rules and enjoy! :)

Also, go check out the music that [ profile] lille_bean and [ profile] among_the_lost upped here and here, for it is good music~


From: [identity profile]

I--didn't know you were that good of friends with [ profile] among_the_lost.

Sorry, this throws me a little bit. ::fixes brain:: But, um, yay music! :D

From: [identity profile]

I'm not really? I know her through [ profile] lille_bean and you, but we've never really talked, so I guess we're acquaintances at best.

Yaaaay, music~ :D

From: [identity profile]

A~ahn, no, it's just that we had a bit of a falling out but I hold no ill will towards her, it's okay. Just took a bit of mental adjustment. And now to steal music. J.J. Lin!

From: [identity profile]

Aa~ I see~ understand that feeling completely.

JJ Lin = winnar! \:D/



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