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Birthdate:May 20
Location:United States of America

SUXING IS just an ordinary girl trying to be extraordinary currently a college senior on the pre-med track, triple majoring in chinese, spanish, and biology (not suicidal per se, but possibly masochistic) something of a karaoke junkie, wannabe graphic artist, and star-chaser the autumn to another's summer and one half of a whole currently preoccupied with the avengers, sherlock holmes, dancing with the stars, and all things having to do with robert downey jr. an avid lover of music with the disconcerting tendency of randomly bursting out into song more often than not a fangirly blob of fail prone to key-mashing and heart-marking without restraint cheerful, easy-going, and a generally good person~

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avengers assemble, banging on pianos, basking in sunshine, being ridiculous, boys being boys, captain fine, catering to my whims, chinese puns, cozy niches, cuddle-puddles, dancing awkwardly, dots on staff paper, epic duets, fable-spinning, fantasy in reality, first snow, glorious weather, graphic design, green tea, kitty paws, living like a granadino, making memories, not missing the bus, obscure cocktails, rubber ducky jr, saving the turtles, sleeping to excess, sleight of hand, smiles like sunshine, spontaneity, striped scarves, taste spotting, wiki-surfing, witty repartee
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