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2015-07-04 07:12 pm
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000: in the beginning

F R I E N D S ☆ O N L Y

comment to be added

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2010-01-01 09:17 pm

198: hello 2010!

happy new year everyone!

Here's to hoping that the new year (decade?) is even better than the last!

and now for some resolutions... )

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2009-11-18 09:21 pm

188: vocaloid icons/bases

It's been so long since I've photoshopped, I feel so rusty. :(

Anyhow, just some cropping/coloring practice. Vocaloid is so shiny! I wish I could play it more often, but alas, I do not have a PSP. Moving on though~

==> headcount
[x61] vocaloid (kaito, miku, gakupo/kaito, etc.); all images from pixiv

==> teasers
~ ~

my raging kaito bias, let me show it to you )

==> crediting & other rules
x. credit is lovely, but not required; however, please do not claim these as your own
x. as these are all technically bases, feel free to modify them to your liking
x. finally, please do not hotlink; it kills my bandwidth and nobody likes a leech
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2009-10-03 12:38 am

171: 中秋节快乐!

人有悲欢离合, 月有阴晴圆缺, 此事古难全.
但愿人长久, 千里共婵娟.

Men have both sorrow and joy, parting ways and meeting again,
The moon has both darkness and light, waxing and waning,
Such imperfections have existed since the beginning of time.
I hope that the two of us are both blessed with longevity,
And that though we are thousands of miles apart, we may still share the beauty of the moon together.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

/eats a mooncake ♥
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2009-10-01 12:37 am

168: 我的中国心

本人因生长在美国而并不了解很多关于中国的事, 但是本人仍然对中国有
很亲切的感觉. 假如美国是笔者的父亲, 那中国毫无疑问就是笔者的母亲.
即使她离完备还有一定的距离, 但她在我的心里依然是最美.

五星红旗, 你是我的骄傲; 五星红旗, 我为你自豪.
加油我的祖国, 加油中国. 国庆节快乐!
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2008-11-22 12:37 am
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076: icon-dump

A... "healthy" batch of simple, fairly unadorned icons that have been accumulating in my 'lj icons' folder for the past month or so. Liam Aiken icons are dedicated to Cassie and all things Toumei Shounen are dedicated to Lille and Mishy. ♥

Feel free to have a look-see and enjoy~

h e a d c o u n t
[x03] doujinshi (scans from Beautiful-Soup)
[x11] liam aiken (images from LIAM ONLINE)
[x22] stock (images from Flickr)
[x29] toumei shounen (scans from Beautiful-Soup/[ profile] yshare)
t o t a l ==> 65

==> t e a s e r s

100x100 goodies under the cut~ )

==> g r o u n d r u l e s
x. Please comment when taking and credit [ profile] suxing when using.
x. Textless icons are not bases and are not to be edited.
x. Do not hotlink; it kills my bandwidth and nobody likes a leech.
x. Have fun, place nice, and enjoy the icons!
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2008-10-01 10:01 am

056: icon re-post

Just re-posting some icons that I made for [ profile] chowmein_love/[ profile] meitachi back in May (sans the nonsharables) for the sake of cross-posting and future reference.

Subject: Stock
[x20] Food
Subject: Super Junior
[x23] SuKiRa + Miracle For You
[x18] Super Junior M
[x09] Miscellaneous


一口, 一口, 要把爱吃掉~ )
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2008-09-20 09:18 pm

050: iconspam of the suju sort

For those that care, my laptop's doing fine. :'D I've been running scans all day, so unless Symantec's lying to me, it looks like my lappie's virus-free once again. \o/

But more importantly, I've been iconning like a crazy person these last couple of days, so much that I actually have enough made to warrant an icon post.

They're primarily of Kyuhyun and QMi (because I am biased like a biased thing), and are dedicated to [ profile] meitachi and [ profile] dear_whimsy (because I love them! ♥ and because I owe them stuff, but-- orz) Some of them are nonshareable, but the greater majority are. They are stylistically... all over the place because despite five years with Photoshop, my style remains indistinct. orz Many are from SJM's new music video, Me, and many are animated because I am uncreative and made of fail. \o\ But anyway, I hope you enjoy them! Despite my being, you know, made of fail. \o/

Subject: Super Junior M
[x02] HaeWook
[x02] Hankyung
[x02] Henry
[x11] Kyuhyun
[x02] Kyury
[x12] QMi
[x01] SiHyun
[x03] Siwon
[x04] Super Junior M
[x02] Zhou Mi
[x15] Bases


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2008-09-11 11:40 pm
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042: clearly, I am masochistic.

[ profile] weaselyarte

artwork by one weasel girl (that would be me) to satisfy all your aesthetic cravings.

... or not.

ETA: No art up yet, too lazy at the moment, but there will be some reposting of more recent art shortly (I'm thinking tomorrow? Or later tonight, if I decide to indulge my inner insomniac) and hopefully, eventually, there will be new stuff posted too. :)
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2007-07-12 11:49 pm

003: a late-ish plug >> new music comm!


[ profile] musicwizme. For those that don't know what's going on, I am now in a shiney new music rotation community with [ profile] among_the_lost, [ profile] heechul, and [ profile] lille_bean~ wish us luck, yes? :D

**Please comment if you download anything! Input on your part helps me decide what to put on the next rotation~

Songlist + Romanization/Translation
JJ林俊杰 - 杀手 || JJ Lin - Sha Shou
梁静茹 - 宁夏 || Fish Leong - Ning Xia
王力厷 - 花田错 || Wang Leehom - Hua Tian Cuo
金沙 - 不可思议 || Kym - Bu Ke Si Yi
张信哲 - 过火 || Jeff Chang - Guo Huo
孙燕姿 - 遇见 || Stephanie Sun - Yu Jian
方大同 - 妹妹 || Khalil Fong - Mei Mei
金海心 - 悲伤的秋千 || Rebecca Jin - Bei Shang de Qiu Qian
潘玮柏 ft. 张韶涵 - 快乐崇拜 || Wilbur Pan ft. Angela Chang - Kuai Le Chong Bai
S.H.E - 一眼万年 || S.H.E - Yi Yan Wan Nian

You can download the aforementioned music here.
Thank you for abiding by the rules and enjoy! :)

Also, go check out the music that [ profile] lille_bean and [ profile] among_the_lost upped here and here, for it is good music~